Commercial Ice Machines

 Commercial Ice Machines and Commercial Ice Bins

KOLD-DRAFT equipment makes pure ice cubes in three sizes and crushed ice to fill any need for hotels, restaurants, bars, hospitals, and other institutions.

KOLD-DRAFT features a wide range of commercial ice machines and bins capable of producing from 300 to 2,400 pounds of pure ice per day.  

With over half a century of time-proven design, KOLD-DRAFT ice machines are compatible with new and old KOLD-DRAFT commercial ice machines, bins, crushers and dispensers. Many of the parts are interchangeable between models, so on the rare occasion a commercial ice machine does need to be serviced, it is much easier to fix.

 Commercial Ice Machines and Bins

Commercial Ice Machines -

Commercial Ice Machines GT360

English GT360 Spec Sheets:

Commercial Ice Machines GB560

English GB560 Spec Sheets:

 Commercial Ice Machines GT560

English GT560 Spec Sheets:

Commercial Ice Machines GT1060

English GB1060 Spec Sheets:

Commercial Ice Machine KOLD-DRAFT SC200

English SC200 Spec Sheets:


Commercial Ice Bins -



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