Commercial Ice Machines

Commercial Ice Machine Replacement Parts

KOLD-DRAFT ice machines have a longer product life cycle, lasting two or three times longer than competitive machines when properly maintained. Ice machines lasting 15, 20, and even 30 years are not uncommon. Most competitors’ machines do not last as long. But KOLD-DRAFT ice machines proudly offer the longest warranty on the market, making ours one of the lowest costs of ownership.

With more than half a century of time-proven design, new KOLD-DRAFT ice machines are compatible with new and old KOLD-DRAFT ice machines, ice bins, ice crushers, and ice dispensers. Many of the parts are interchangeable between models as well, so on the rare occasion an ice maker does need to be serviced, it is much faster, easier, and less expensive to fix. Commonly serviced parts are completely accessible from the front of the unit for ease of service and maintenance.

Each KOLD-DRAFT ice machine is built to last, starting with type 304 stainless steel, which provides a corrosion-resistant finish inside and out, and an overall appearance that shines with quality craftsmanship. Plus, stainless steel skin panels are easily replaceable for refurbishing.

With a worldwide distribution network and master service agents near you, KOLD-DRAFT delivers local availability of parts and equipment as well as full sales, parts, service, and warranty support where and when you need it. KOLD-DRAFT ice machines are the most dependable and longest-lasting ice machines, and you can rely on them to produce the world’s highest-quality ice. With KOLD-DRAFT, you get the best commercial ice machine in the world.


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