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Pure Ice Cubes in Drink

Why do many of the world’s best mixologists, private clubs, fine restaurants and hotels stand by KOLD-DRAFT? It’s the best ice in the world for the following reasons:

  • Slower-Melting Ice: Our ice machines produce the slowest-melting, longest-lasting ice—in fact, the slowest-melting cubes on the market—thereby minimizing drink dilution.
  • Harder Ice: Our ice lasts longer in storage bins, cocktail sinks, drinks, salad bars, bags and coolers. Its even shape helps to maintain carbonation and doesn’t dilute the taste of spirits.
  • Incredibly Pure Ice: KOLD-DRAFT ice has the least impurities. The horizontal evaporator and water plate assembly, with high-speed pressurized water flow injected into the evaporator, actually freezes out impurities. Ice from KOLD-DRAFT is nearly as pure as distilled water. It won’t distort the taste of any drink.

As for our ice machines that create flawless cubes, KOLD-DRAFT was the first and is still the best top-shelf ice machine system on the market for the following reasons:

  • Longer Life: A much longer product life cycle versus competitive machines (two to three times longer than competitors). Get information on the longest warranty on the market.
  • Easier ice machine service and access to ice machine parts: With over half a century of time-proven design, KOLD-DRAFT ice cubers are compatible with new and old KOLD-DRAFT cubers, crushers, dispensers, and bins. Many of the parts are also interchangeable between models. So on the rare occasion a machine does need some service, ours are much easier to fix.
  • Our ice production process flushes out and rinses the system with each harvest.
  • KOLD-DRAFTCommercial Ice Machines create perfect cubes of the same shape and size because of even water distribution in the evaporator cells—better than any competitor.

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