Commercial Ice Machines

Commercial Ice Machines - What Makes Our Commercial Ice Machines Better?

KOLD-DRAFT® makes commercial ice machines and commercial ice makers. We also offer ice dispensers, ice crushers, and ice bins. We’re a friendly, flexible company, and our ice makers are pretty darn smart, too. All of our energy-efficient commercial machines produce the only square cube—cubes proven to be the industry’s most pure. Our ice-making process literally freezes out impurities that competitors’ ice machines can’t. Pretty Nice!

 Ice Machines For All Markets

In foodservice, we can help you choose the right commercial ice machine. We understand the nuanced differences between hotel and coffee shop ice makers, restaurant ice makers, and behind-the-bar ice makers.

We also are leaders in the sale of training room ice machines, cruise ship and hospital ice makers and other institutional installations.

See our full line of commercial ice making machines. Contact your nearest KOLD-DRAFT Rep, or contact the KOLD-DRAFT factory for more information on our high quality, U.S.-built machines. We've got the right ice maker for your market!




 Our Ice Makers Make Better Ice

KOLD-DRAFT make pure, sparkling, square cubes; a unique look, but also a shape that allows us to claim harder, denser, and slower-melting ice. Our hotel and restaurant ice makers, and bar ice makers, plus ice crushers, dispensers and commercial ice machines for bagged ice manufacturers produce two uniquely sized cubes or crushed ice to fill any need.

Commercial Ice


Commercial Ice Dispensers

KOLD-DRAFT Commercial Ice Machines three years on parts and labor. Check out our full line of machines and compare with other commercial machines!

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How Do They Do It?

KOLD-DRAFT® Commercial Ice Machines Turn Ice-Making Upside Down

KOLD-DRAFT ice is always pure, sparkling, easy to handle, and perfectly shaped. That's because of KOLD-DRAFT's unique and time-proven water control system, water plate assembly, and exclusive 'upside-down' horizontal evaporator. Read how KOLD-DRAFT Commercial Machines turn ice-making upside down

"Green" Ice

Green Ice MakersAll KOLD-DRAFT commercial ice machines meet strict energy-efficiency standards.
Read about our "green" ice machines...